Birthday of the Danish Queen

May 2009


Friday 1.    
Saturday 2. Viking Market in Ribe  
Sunday 3. Viking Market in Ribe  
Monday 4.   19
Tuesday 5.    
Wednesday 6.    
Thursday 7.  
Friday 8.    
Saturday 9.    
Sunday 10.    
Monday 11.   20
Tuesday 12.    
Wednesday 13.    
Thursday 14.  
Friday 15. Groundbreaking of the Danish Expo 2010 pavilion  
Saturday 16.    
Sunday 17.    
Monday 18. Museum day. The Old Town in Aarhus 100 years 21
Tuesday 19.    
Wednesday 20.    
Thursday 21.  
Friday 22.    
Saturday 23.    
Sunday 24.    
Monday 25.   22
Tuesday 26.    
Wednesday 27.    
Thursday 28.  
Friday 29.    
Saturday 30. Copenhagen Medieval Market  
Sunday 31. Copenhagen Medieval Market  
The market at Ribe Viking Centre in South Jutland, Denmark, is placed in one of the oldest towns of Denmark. Apart from Denmark the the market often attracts Vikings and visitors from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

The Copenhagen Medieval Market is held in Valbyparken in Valby near Copenhagen and is one of the larger events in Copenhagen with focus on ancient time.

The Danish stand at EXPO in Shanghai 2010 will include exhibition of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. So the statue will not be to see in the tourist season 2010. The chinese arcitect Ai Weiwei will create artwork to replace the Little Mermaid in the habour of Copenhagen. Amonght other things the chinese artist is known for the artistic design of Birts Nest at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2010.