Aarhus Festival Week

September 2009


Tuesday 1. Aarhus Festival Week  
Wednesday 2. Aarhus Festival Week   
Thursday 3. Aarhus Festival Week  
Friday 4. Aarhus Festival Week  
Saturday 5. Aarhus Festival Week  
Sunday 6. Aarhus Festival Week  
Monday 7.   37
Tuesday 8.    
Wednesday 9.    
Thursday 10.    
Friday 11.    
Saturday 12.    
Sunday 13.    
Monday 14.   38
Tuesday 15.    
Wednesday 16. Topping-out ceremony for the Danish Expo pavillion  
Thursday 17.    
Friday 18.    
Saturday 19.    
Sunday 20.     
Monday 21.   39
Tuesday 22. Equinox - day and night equally long  
Wednesday 23.    
Thursday 24.    
Friday 25.    
Saturday 26.    
Sunday 27.    
Monday 28.   40
Tuesday 29.    
Wednesday 30.    
Århus Festival is among the largest regular held cultural festivals in Denmark. The festival includes cultural events spread over a many places in the town of Aarhus.

Expo in Shanghai will open at the 1st of May 2010. Denmark is represented by two pavillions. One national pavilion which will include exhibition of The Little Mermaid and one pavillion for the Danish city Odense in the area of Urban Best Practice at the Expo Venue. The Danish Crown Prince Frederik is protector of the national Expo Pavillion.