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350 logoThe 350 movement is an international campaign to support a solution to the climate crisis: reducing the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to 350 parts per million (ppm).

In contrary to discussions of global warming and temperatures this campaign focus more on the irresponsible biological experiment to let the amount of CO2 increase with incalculable consequences.

A group of green builders at Brearly Architects and Urbanists' form a 350 on the top of their office building in Shanghai, China. (Shanghai is hosting the EXPO 2010 which is focusing on sustainable urban development). Photo:

Scientist more and more agree that 350 ppm is the sustainable limit of which the Earth can stay relatively unaffected of human climate change. Today the amount of CO2 is 387 ppm, so 350 ppm is a demand of decrease of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the present level.

Even supporters of the campaign admit that the World will hardly be able to stop the increase before reaching a level of close to 400 ppm but especially for this reason find it important to keep focus on the decrease to 350 already now. Before the using coal and oil the amount of CO2 was 275 ppm - so the goal of 350 is still 25 percent higher than pre-industrial level.

Members of the Komi population in Russia with the 350 poster. Photo:

The 350 campaign is a modern movement that over a short time has grown - especially on the internet among younger people. It intensively uses Facebook, YouTube etc. to spread the message.

The first major real-life-event was held at the 24th of October 2009 when activists in 181 countries demonstrated for the goal of 350. The event included events in Shanghai in China and the first political demonstration on Antarctica when scientists supported the political statement.

How the campaign illustrate the goal 350 ppm in the Atmosphere.. Graphics:

The 350 campaign is one of the many NGO awareness actions before the big Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December.

Many politicians still doubt that it will be possible to stop the increase of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but this campaign focus on the need for action now. According to many scientists it is possible to decrease the level to 350. Among other tools it will be needed to stop using coal as fuel, increase the area of forests, change agricultural practice and dramatically increase the use of sustainable energy resources like solar and wind energy.

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350 event in Egypt
Goal 350 event in Egypt Photo:

350 Campaign logo in nature - in Hillerød 40 km north of Copenhagen where the COP 15 Climate Summit is held in December. Photo:

Long Green March is the name of one of the initiatives in China to catch attention on the CO2-issue in Shanghai and other major Chinese cities. Also here the 350 goal is represented. Photo: