The Old Town
in Aarhus

Few places it is so easy to make romantic photos as in The Old Town of Aarhus.

A tourist in Aarhus needs good reasons not to visit The Old Town. It is obviously one the most popular museums of Denmark and even awarded with three stars in Guide Michelin.

In reality is a whole row of museums collected in a village with 75 houses from the last 500 years of Danish history. Many would by itself be worth a visit, and several contains historical collections for subjects like children's toy, shoemaker tools, kitchen tools etc..

The buildings are not reconstructions but real houses from 24 different towns in Denmark, taken down and rebuild in a corner of the botanic garden of Aarhus. Since 1909 the town has continuously been growing around narrow paved streets, a small harbour, wind- and water mills and historically dressed employees. A visit on a day with few tourists can easily make one forget that we are now in the third millennium. The town is constantly enlarged. Among the latest upgrade is living houses from Odense from the time of the author Hans Christian Andersen.

The houses are equipped as in the old days, so the historically dressed employees need to get water from the court for cooking.

The Old Town has several places to eat and even an a la carte restaurant. Many people get confused when they realize that a play in Helsingør Theatre takes places in Aarhus - and not in the town of Helsingør where the theatre originally was placed..

The main part of the houses are open to the public in daytime, and it is easy to spend some hours in the town especially if you want to enter all the doors you meet on the way. None of the houses are permanently inhabited but many employees are old fashion dressed. The baker, the bookstore and several other shops are open for business selling goods of which some are even produced in the old town.

The houses are build around narrow streets almost like a labyrinth. Therefore it is difficult to overview and it feels like the village is larger than it actually is

In contrary to many other museums The Old Town is a pleasure for both children and adults. Many funny details awakes interest of any curious person - old or young.

The shipyard includes a ship with a water tub to keep fishes alive and be able to transport them and sell fresh fish in the cities. Another building has an exhibition showing the commercial competition for passenger ships between Aarhus and Copenhagen. A fight that is not much different from the competition between low fare airlines today..

The Old Town is in general open every day all year around. Only the opening times are shorter outside the season. Only in Danish Christmas and New Year it the town is closed (24th, 25th, 31st of December and the 1st of January..

The live activities take place from Easter to Christmas. In this period the houses are inhabited at daytime and the shops are open. Especially in the summer period and the month before Christmas there are many activities in the town. Among other events the town is especially known for its big Christmas Market the last month before Christmas.

The Old Town
Viborgvej 2
8000 Århus C
Tel: (+45) 86 12 31 88