June 2011


Wednesday 1.    
Thursday 2. Ascension Day  
Friday 3. Roskilde Agricultural Show  
Saturday 4. Roskilde Agricultural Show  
Sunday 5. Roskilde Agricultural Show
Danish day of constitution (shops closed)
Monday 6.   23
Tuesday 7.    
Wednesday 8.    
Thursday 9.    
Friday 10.    
Saturday 11. Henrik, The Prince Consort, 77 years old  
Sunday 12. Pentecost Day  
Monday 13. 2nd Pentecost Day 24
Tuesday 14.    
Wednesday 15. Lunar Eclipse  
Thursday 16.    
Friday 17.    
Saturday 18.    
Sunday 19.     
Monday 20.   25
Tuesday 21. Longest day  
Wednesday 22.    
Thursday 23. Midsummers Evening  
Friday 24. Midsummers Day  
Saturday 25.    
Sunday 26.    
Monday 27.   26
Tuesday 28.    
Wednesday 29.    
Thursday 30. The National Show, Herning
Roskilde Festival
Skagen Festival
Countess Alexandra, 47 years old
Pentecost Day (Danish="pinsedag")and second Pentecost Day are general holidays in Denmark. Most shops, companies and all schools are closed both days.

Midsummer (Sankt Hans) is not holiday - but is still celebrated many places in Danmark. Many people light an often very big fire and sing a few songs and make grill together. Only the evening is celebrated. Midsummers Day is an ordinary day.

Roskilde Agricultural Show (Roskilde Dyrskue) is the largest food- and agricultural event on Sjælland. It is placed in Roskilde - not far from Copenhagen - and many people visit it.

The National Show (Landsskuet) in Herning is the largest agricultural event in Denmark.

Roskilde Festival is the largest rytmic musical festival in Northern Europe. Read more about Roskilde Festival.

Skagen Festival is a festival for folk music held in Skagen - the North tip of Jylland.