Roskilde Festival

July 2011


Fredag 1. Roskilde Festival
The National Show, Herning
Skagen Festival
Lørdag 2. Roskilde Festival
The National Show, Herning
Skagen Festival
Søndag 3. Roskilde Festival
Skagen Festival
Mandag 4. The Rebild Festival 27
Tirsdag 5.    
Onsdag 6.    
Torsdag 7.    
Fredag 8.    
Lørdag 9.    
Søndag 10.    
Mandag 11.   28
Tirsdag 12.    
Onsdag 13.    
Torsdag 14.    
Fredag 15.    
Lørdag 16.    
Søndag 17.    
Mandag 18.   29
Tirsdag 19.    
Onsdag 20.    
Torsdag 21.    
Fredag 22.  Prince Felix  
Lørdag 23.    
Søndag 24.    
Mandag 25.   30
Tirsdag 26.    
Onsdag 27.    
Torsdag 28.    
Fredag 29.    
Lørdag 30. Moesgård Viking Moot  
Søndag 31. Moesgård Viking Moot  
The Rebild Festival celebrates the American Independence Day in  Rebild Park in North Jutland. It is the biggest celebration of 4th of July outside USA.

Roskilde Festival is considered the largest regular held rhythmical music festival in Scandinavia. It takes place outside the town of Roskilde east of Copenhagen.

The National Show (Landsskuet) in Herning is the largest agricultural event in Denmark.

Moesgaard Viking Moot in Århus is considered the oldest Viking market. Every year it is visited by more than 20.000 people.

Prince Felix is son of Prince Joachim, brother to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.