Fashion week in Copenhagen and festival week in Aarhus

August 2011


Copenhagen Fashion Week
Fashion Week
in February and August

Mandag 1.   31
Tirsdag 2.    
Onsdag 3. Copenhagen Fashion Week  
Torsdag 4. Copenhagen Fashion Week  
Fredag 5. Copenhagen Fashion Week  
Lørdag 6. Copenhagen Fashion Week  
Søndag 7. Copenhagen Fashion Week  
Mandag 8.   32
Tirsdag 9.    
Onsdag 10. Skanderborg Festival  
Torsdag 11. Skanderborg Festival  
Fredag 12. Skanderborg Festival  
Lørdag 13. Skanderborg Festival  
Søndag 14. Skanderborg Festival  
Mandag 15.   33
Tirsdag 16.    
Onsdag 17.    
Torsdag 18.    
Fredag 19.    
Lørdag 20. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival  
Søndag 21. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival  
Mandag 22. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival 34
Tirsdag 23. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival  
Onsdag 24. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival  
Torsdag 25. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival  
Fredag 26. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival
European Medieval Festival in Horsens, Denmark
Aarhus Festival Week
Lørdag 27. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival
European Medieval Festival in Horsens, Denmark
Aarhus Festival Week
Søndag 28. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival
Aarhus Festival Week
Mandag 29. Copenhagen Cooking, food festival
Aarhus Festival Week
Tirsdag 30. Aarhus Festival Week  
Onsdag 31. Aarhus Festival Week  
Aarhus Festival Week is among the largest regular held cultural festivals in Denmark. The festival includes cultural events spread over a many places in the town of Aarhus.

The European Medieval Festival is an international event in the town of Horsens, south of Aarhus. It has close to 300 stalls. More than 5000 people are dressed in medieval clothes and attracts up to 100.000 visitors.

Copenhagen Fashion Week takes place twice a year - in february and in August. It includes af a series of events including CIFF - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair in the Bella Center, CPH Vision in Øksnehallen, CIFFKIDS for children clothes, Gallery, Copenhagen Unfair and several other individual events in the city of Copenhagen. While the fashion week is strictly professonal the The Copenhagen Fashion Days gives a number of fashion events to the public spread all over Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Cooking is a yearly food festival in Copenhagen. It takes place many places in the city, as small fairs, tasting competitions, and special meals. Among the special events this year is the serving of Climate Meals in several restaurants in Copenhagen.

Skanderborg Festival is the second largest rhythmical music festival in Denmark. In general the program is less international than the larger Roskilde Festival and for this reason is has fewer international visitors.