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Terminal 3, Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup
Water sculpture outside Terminal 3 in Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the largest airport in Scandinavia and the main entrance for airplanes not only for Copenhagen and Denmark but also for the southern part of Sweden.

The airport is placed in Kastrup outside Copenhagen and for this reason it is often called Kastrup Airport. It is the main airport for the Scandinavian Airline SAS. From the airport in Copenhagen there is flight connection to 127 destinations all over the World.

Intercity train in Copenhagen Airport
Intercity trains run directly from the basement of the Copenhagen Airport. There is a ticket office in Terminal 3

Kastrup Airport is placed east of the city of Copenhagen - and is just as close to the Swedish city Malmö as it is to the Copenhagen.

The airport consist of three terminals. Terminal 2 and 3 are connected with a short walk between. Terminal 1 is only for domestic flights and is separated from the two other terminals.

Several times the airports have been elected to be among the best airports in Europe - one of the reasons is the shopping area in the transit halls with 48 special shops and several restaurants, micro breweries and other eating places. This is a relative calm place where the flight passengers can walk on wooden floors in a relaxed  atmosphere. The disadvantage of the big shopping area is that you are forced to pass it also after landing in Copenhagen.

Shopping area in Copenhagen Airport
The shopping area is nice - but a bit confusing when you arrive for the first time in Copenhagen. Photo: Arne V. Petersen, Copenhagen Airports A/S

If you have just arrived it might feel a bit confusing walking between shops and restaurants - looking for the exit signs - which are hard to find. Just follow the Baggage Claim signs - even if you don't have any luggage.

Passport control
Denmark is part of the Schengen agreement which makes it possible for people to travel in Europe without showing passport every time they cross a border. For this reason the airport is divided into a Schengen area and a non-Schengen are separated by a Schengen passport control. If you leaving with a flight to a non-Schengen destination it is important to have extra time after the security check because there might be a queue at the passport control when you later need to enter the non-Schengen area.

Copenhagen Airport is the Hub for SAS and therefore also an important flight port for the rest of Scandinavia

Intercity trains run regularly from the Airport to Copenhagen and continue directly to some most important Danish cities like Odense, Århus, Aalborg and Esbjerg. The Swedish city Malmö also is only a few minutes away by train.

As in any airport water is prohibited in the security check. But if you bring an empty bottle you can fill it for free in the transit area. The water in Copenhagen is fully drinkable.

The airport also has a Metro station with direct connection to Copenhagen city. Just notice, that it is easier to use the ordinary train if you are going to the main train station or the area around it in Copenhagen. On the other hand the metro goes to other parts of the city centre. If you already have booked a hotel in Copenhagen it will a good idea to check in advance if Metro or Intercity train is most convenient.

Also the metro can be used if you go to the Bella Center. Just remember that you should change from line M2 to line M1 at Christianshavn station and go towards Vestamager. From the airport there is also a bus to the Bella Centre (no. 75E)

Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport
Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport

Connection flights
From Kastrup there are direct flights to other main airports of Northern Europe like Stockholm, Oslo, Saint Petersburg, London and Hamburg. If however you are going to other Danish airports like Århus or Billund you should go to the Terminal 1. There is a free transit bus between the terminals.

Going by car
The is a Motorway going from city centre of Copenhagen to the airport.

If you plan to park your car for a longer time be aware the big price differences at the car parks outside the airport. The cheapest ones are P15 and P17 placed in some distance from the airport - but even from here a free transit bus brings you to the terminals in a few minutes. The other parking areas are so close that you can walk into the airport.

The Hilton Hotel at Copenhagen Airport

If you need to stay very close to the airport it is possible to stay at the  Hilton Hotel just on the other side of the street. But in fact it is not a big problem to find hotels with easy access to Copenhagen Airport.

Centrally placed hotels in Copenhagen as well as Malmö in Sweden will often have short distance to Metro or train going directly to the airport. Some larger hotels also have bus service going to the airport.

More than 20 million passengers are using the Copenhagen Airport every year resulting in more 250.000 operations (take-offs and landings).

The physical adress of the airport is:

Copenhagen Airports A/S
P.O. Box 74
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
DK-2770 Kastrup Denmark
Tel (+45) 32 31 32 31.

See more information on the homepage of the airport or read the Wikipedia article about it.

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Windmills at open sea - is part of the view before landing in Copenhagen Airport. Denmark is the country in the world with the highest proportional production of wind energy.